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We want to be more than your photographer. We want to weave ourselves into your life story so there is a special bond between what we do FOR your family and what we do WITH your family.  We want to capture the special moments and when you look back at the photos, you not only remember the time, you also remember the emotions you were feeling. Loving Fearlessly is the name of our business and our approach. We want to love our clients, our community and all of those around us, fearlessly! That means showing up when it’s hard, not just in the good times. Loving your family deeply in the good and the bad and celebrating every step along the way.


We want to be there for every life event, change and chapter of your story. We don’t want to just take pictures and never see you again. We want to create a bond with you and your family from  engagement pictures to newborn and family pictures, a relationship that will last a lifetime and will be filled with endless, fearless love. A relationship that grows over time so that your kids get excited when you say you’ve booked another session, because they know it’s not going to just be a “sit there and say cheese,” but that they are going to get to play and have fun with us.


We want to love you fearlessly and wholeheartedly - through our friendship, through our products and through our photography that captures your moments and stories.


The Smudrick Family

Engagement Photoshoot

Katie took our engagement and wedding photos and to say that she did an amazing job would be an understatement. All the praise and good reviews would not do justice to the incredible work Katie puts into this job. As if the final product wasn’t enough, she is also the kindest and most personable person. She has a way to make you feel so comfortable and photogenic, especially on your wedding day! I would recommend her to all of my friends and family and I would use her again in a heartbeat. We love Katie and all of the beautiful moments she has captured for us!


The Gordon Family

Family Photoshoot

We are so blessed to have Katie document our growing family.  She works with our busy schedule, and my kids LOVE working with her. She can get a toddler to take still and smile and has the patience of a saint! It’s amazing.  But ultimately the reason we use Katie for all of our family pictures, is that she captures the love and vibrancy (and chaos) of our family.  Capturing these memories of our little ones for years to come is priceless.  We highly recommend Katie, and cannot say enough wonderful things about her amazing pictures!


The Bozeman Family

Engagement, Newborn & Holiday Photos

Oh where to start... Katie is not only my family's photographer, but has become my best friend. The moments she captures are that of a truly talented individual. She has taken pictures of some of the most important moments in my life, but the most being when my daughter came 3 months early. She traveled to the hospital, prayed with me and took amazing pictures of our strong girl! She is now a year old and Katie has taken her pictures and will for every moment we want pictures! Our family loves Katie and her pictures!



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